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                首页    语言版本:  

                System Physical Standard Configuration:
                Type Details Descriptions
                Product Form Product Form Straight Plate
                Dimensions 190*126*12.8
                Weight  335g
                LCD Panel Screen Size 7”  16:9
                Screen Resolution 800*480
                Touch Panel Touch Module  Capacitive
                multitouch 5 point
                Battery  Type Lithium-ion polymer battery
                Capacity 3.7V/2600mAH
                System hardware configuration:
                Type Details Descriptions
                CPU Type Vimicro VC0882Cortex-A8,
                Speed 1GHz
                GPU Type GC430
                (Hardware decoding)
                Phote Viewer JPEG/PNG/BMP
                Video Format AVI/3GP/MP4/H264/WMV/MKV/MOV/FLV/VOB/RMVB
                Audio Format MP3/WMA/WAV/AAC/AAC+/OGG
                RAM DDR3 512MB (1GB Optional )
                ROM  Flash Nand Flash 4GB(8GB/16GB Optional )
                Camera Front Facing 0.3MP
                Rear Facing NA
                Speaker Built-in  8Ω/1W speaker x 1
                MIC Built-in Yes
                G-sensor Built-in 3-Axis G-Sensor
                GPS Built-in NA
                Bluetooth Built-in NA
                WIFI WIFI module  802.11b/g/n
                3G External 3G USB dongle (Optional) 
                Interface Configuration:
                Type Details Descriptions
                Memory card socket External memory TF Card , up to 32GB
                SIM Card Socker 3G SIM Card NA
                USB interface Data transfer supportive USB 2.0 / HOST
                Headphone jack  Music output  3.5mm standard headphone jack 
                DC connector Power   2.5MM power connector
                HDMI interface Video output Mini HDMI  
                Keys Tack Switch POWER/RESET/VOL+/VOL-
                Keyboard Input device Wired  Supportive
                Mouse Input device Wired Supportive
                Software Configuration:
                 Type Details Descriptions
                Operating System Operating system version Andriod 4.0.3
                Language Multi-language supportive
                HTML5 Supportive
                Necessary Accessories:
                Type Details Descriptions
                3.5 MM headphone Standard Configuration Standard stereo headphones
                Power adapter Standard Configuration 5V/2A
                USB data cable Standard Configuration Connect to PC
                USB patch cord Standard Configuration OTG to HOST
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